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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR19031913224

Make Chevrolet

Model HHR

Year 2007

Exterior Color Black

Interior Color Silver

Type 4-Door

License State Colorado

License Plate # 056YEG

VIN # 37730

Last Seen

Date 3/11/2019

Street 5182 crown blvd

City, State Denver, Colorado

Zip Code 80239


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Owner’s Comment(s)

3/19/2019 4:07:54 AM
It was last seen in the side walk infront of my house at 5:40 in the morning its a 2007 grey Chevrolet HHR the passenger door dont open from inside and the window in the passenger dont work and the steering wheel has the middle part ripped off because the air bag popped out and on the right rear door it has a dark grey spot painted and on the bottom of the bumper is broken with gray taped around it